new home.

I've mentioned our new home on instagram but I need to make a proper post here about my excitement! When we visited Asheville in May we had had our eyes set on this one for quite some time. Stephen and I would show everyone the craigslist posting and refer to it as the dream house - "hey babe, have you heard from the dream house lady yet?!". When we saw it in person it lived up to our expectations and more. It is 3 times, maybe 4 times the amount of space we are used to in Richmond. Plus, it has an exterior studio large enough for both of us to work in. These little instagram shots show the front porch swing and little greenhouse (!!) out back. 

Can't wait to share more after we the move in July. So soon! 

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Mallory said...

a porch swing! a studio! it does sound like a dream house.