Holiday 2011

Not many pictures have been taken lately. All of my time this past week consisted of sitting around my Mama's house - eating turkey, mint chocolate chip cookies and watching movies. Yesterday, Stephen and I flew into Atlanta to hang with friends and attend our five night STS9 New Years run. Saturday night is going to be a serious dance party! Also, sooo excited - we're planning a trip to the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow... apparently it's the biggest in the world. 

Mama gifted me an interchangeable crochet kit for Christmas. I've never worked with such small needles before, should be interesting for necklace making. Julia sent me the hot pink bag - a birthday present to myself and I am in love with it. Buttery soft leather and such a fun color. 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Anonymous said...

Omg Arli- we're in Florida for NY and planning a trip to Georgia Aquarium on our way home! It is the largest in the world! We are reef and coral fanatics-can't wait!!! Go online and look up some info. It's a totAlly amazing place. Have a great time! I know we sure will. :)

Mallory said...

ahh! i'm so jealous, arlie! i'm an aquarium fanatic & i've always wanted to go to the one in georgia. i hope you blog about your visit.

The Aquarians said...

Cant wait to see what you do with the crochet kit, I always admire super small crochet but dont have the patience for it.