shreds are back >>>

... Scarves are up in the SHOP! ...
I've got to admit, I'm terrible when it comes to looking at ... scrutinizing rather, images I take of myself. Working with models just didn't seem feasible this week and as you all know by now, I've been doing some serious slacking on getting shredded items back in the shop. I think the self analyzing may also have something to do with me feeling blah about my dreadlocks lately. Been growing these babies out for six years and honestly, I can't even remember how it felt to have combed hair! I've talked about chopping them off before and I always chicken out... Any gals out there have experience with getting really beautiful hair extensions? I am terrified of having really short hair. 

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever used any of the Dread Head products? I know know they carry a product called "Dread Zasta" which loosens and removes the dreads and you get to keep your hair! I think they also carry a comb to help with the process..you should try it out! It would suck to have to cut them off and pay an arm and a leg for extensions when you didn't have to!

The link is here: http://www.dreadheadhq.com/shop/Dread-Zasta.html

P.S. Love the new scarves!