- beads & crystals -

 You may recognize Emily from my previous festival posts and images on flickr. I have a ridiculous amount of pictures with this lady, mainly because she's my best friend but also because she has one of the most bold looks and personality of everyone I know. Lately she's been making these crystal wrapped seed bead necklaces and selling them at festivals. I'm hoping to help her get an Etsy shop up and running in the fall, so I wanted to try and document what she's done so far. I feel like my camera focusing skills were lacking this day but I still enjoy the color. 
Let me know if you may be interested in buying a necklace! She's charging $20.00 - $30.00 a piece.


Michelle said...

I LOVE this necklace! Are they available/for sale yet?

Arlie said...

Yes! You can email Emily at emajzer@gmail.com. She doesn't have an etsy shop yet but I'm sure you can send her a paypal payment :)