lately --->

  • we dyed my dreads red (orange?) with henna. will definitely need a few more washes before it settles. not trying to make any rash decisions but i still want to cut them.
  • kate and will's "i employ magical thinking" print came in the mail and I love seeing it everyday when i sit down to work on the torch.
  • experimenting with synthetic opals. a lot of glass cracking and head scratching so far but i'm determined to figure it out...
  • on a dyeing rampage. been shredding a few scarves from these experiments and i'll be putting them in the shop over the weekend.
  • lastly - pretty shimmer and glitter piling up for holiday items i've been working on. can't wait to share this project soon! 


Larissa Wisniewski said...

Can't wait to see what you are doing with the glittery fabric!! I can not get enough glitter haha

Belinda said...

Ooh you have such beautiful dreads.

I've been considering putting henna in my hair but I am afraid it will turn out very red even if I use the most natural henna.

That pile of clothing, scarves and yarn is so pretty.


love all of the beautiful images of your blog

jessica // union shore said...

lovely images!! can't wait to see what you've been working on... :)